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منتشر شده در تاریخ ۱۳۹۴/۰۱/۲۴

Each person in society is obligated to keep and respect to human's magnificence  .

This affair is particularly in situation of illness. According to constitution, attending to human's dignity has been the basis of the Islamic republic of Iran . the government  is obligated to provide health care service to any individuals in the country . therefor, the providing of health services should be fair and based on respect the dignity of patients . the charter is based on the high values on humanity based on Islamic and Iranian culture based on the equality of in inherent dignity  the human relations of providers and receivers of health services.

1-  Getting the desirable health care is the patient's right, Providers health care should:

1-1  it is worthy of human dignity and respect for values , cultural and religions belief.

1-2  Based on honesty ,fair –curtsy with kindness.

1-3  With ant any discrimination such as ethnical-cultural-religious –type of sickness or gender

1-4  Based on knowledge of to days.

1-5  Based on the superiority of patient benefits.

1-6  Concerning the distribution of health resources based on equity and patient care priorities

1-7  It is based on coordination of care foundations including prevention, diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation.

1-8  A long with providing all basis facilities necessary and indispensable ,without suffering and unnecessary constraints.

1-9  Paying special attention to the rights of vulnerable groups of society including children, pregnant women, the elderly, mental patients, prisoners ,mentally and physically disabled and without protector.

1-10 In the fastest possible time with respect to the patient's time.

1-11 Considering variables such as language –age-and gender of service receivers.

1-12 In argent necessary care will be done without considering its cost.

1-13 In argent necessary care , if providing the suitable services wasn't possible, after providing essential services and explanation has made , should prepare the condition to transferring of the patient to equipped unit.

1-14 In the final moment of life , where the illness is irreversible and patient death is close , the main services will be maintaining his comfort the purpose of comfort, reduction the pain and suffering of patient . attend to his, his family's psychological , social spiritual and emotion needs at the time of dying . the patient has the right to stay with the person who wants in the last moment life.

2-  The information must be provided to patient iv an appropriate and sufficient manner :

2-1 information content should contain following item.

2-1-1 articles of patient right's charter at the reception time.

2-1-2 regulations and prices (hospital fees)-including –medical services medical services(insurance policies)introducing the supportive systems at admission time.

2-1-3 name, responsibility professional rank of medical group members of providing care , including , doctor-nurse college student and their student and their professional relationship

2-1-4 diagnostic, treatments methods and strength and weakness of each method and it's possible complications, diagnosis of the disease (illness) pre-notification and it's complication and all effective information to patient decision process.

2-1-5 the access to the physician and medical team members during the treatment.

2-1-6 all procedures that have the form of search

2-1-7 provide the necessary training services to continue the treatment

2-2 providing information should be a follows below.

2-2-1 information should provide at the appropriate time and according anxiety, pain and his characteristics including ability .unless, delaying the be gaining the treatment because of providing information above courses injury to the patient , therefore ,transferring the information should take at the earliest appropriate time at necessary spite of the fact that patient know his right to receive information, in such case the patient's will unware that he or there are in serious danger.

Patient can access to all recorded information to his medical file and receive a copy and reaves to resurrect the recorded mistakes.

3-  The right to choose and decide freely for patient to receive health care.

3-1 the choices and decision's rang is following below

3-1-1 choosing physician and health care center according to the regulations.

3-1-2 choosing and consulting a second physician as an constant

3-1-3 participating or non-participating in any research , on ensuring that its decision will not affect on the continuity and quality of  receiving health care.

3-1-4 accepting or refusing proposed treatments after knowing the possible complications of accepting or refusing , except the case of suicide or in cases of refusal to treat caused another person a serious danger.

3-1-5 the patent's prior opinion about future medical treatment is recorded when the eligible to decide and as a medical guide when lacking his decision making capacity ,according to legal requirements of health care and patient's alternative decision maker.

3-2 the choosing and decision conditions include the following items.

3-2-1 the patient choice and decision must be freely, informed on adequate and comprehensive information(referred to article2)

3-2-2 after giving information , the patient must taken enough time to decide and choosing.

4-  Providing health services based on patient privacy and respect to secrecy.

4-1 observance of to secrecy of all patient's information is necessary unless the cases the made exceptions by law.

4-2 in all stages of treatment including diagnosis and treatment ,patient's privacy must be respected . therefore' It is necessary to provide all possible facilities to ensure the patient's privacy.

4-3 only the patient and treatment (medical)gourd and all theorized from patient and those who permitted bylaw are allowed to access to the information.

4-4 the patient has right to have a trusted person as a escort in diagnostic procedures like examinations . accompanying one of child's parent in all procedures of the treatment is the right of the child unless has no opposition against medical necessities.

5-  Access to effective complaints system is patient right.

5-1 every one has the right to complain to another or ? in case of breaching his rights that explained in this charter without disturbing the quality of receiving health services.

5-2 the patients have the right to know the procedure of their complain and the out come.

5-3 the loss caused by the health care providers failure must be recoup after investing and proof according to regulations in the shortest possible time.

In implementing of the articles of this charter , if the patient (mentioned in this charter) will be decide by his replaced legal decision-maker. But , if there pleased decision maker contrast with doctor's opinion, prevents patient treatment.

The doctor can request the authorities to revise on decision and if a patient does not have enough capacity to make decision reasonably in part of treatment procedure, it must respect his decision